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Tom Dupuis
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 I contacted ABA Headquarters to find out who is already pre-registered for the upcoming Candlewood Tournament on the 30th. We are allowed 25 members/parking slots for this tournament and as of 20 April 2022 I already have 19 with at least 2 more that I know of still pending. You can still just show up at the ramp in the morning, pay and hope a slot will still be open, but your chances may not be too good.


So, if you haven’t done so already and plan on fishing, the best way is to pre-register with ABA and then email a copy of your pre-register receipt along with your current membership card and boater insurance policy if expired, to me at bassman11@earthlink.net. But don’t wait too long as I use the date you register to determine if/when a slot is open and who gets it first.



Not including myself, so far here are the 19 anglers who are already pre-registered to fish on the 30th.

Tom Dupuis Boater

Gary McClarran Boater

Don Philpot Boater

Dave Cangro Boater

Pete Byrnes Boater

Rick Holmberg Boater

A.J. Said Boater

Mark Watkins Boater

Gordon Bocash Boater

Gerald Paben Boater

Travis Miller Boater

Chris Weber Boater

Bill Adamson Boater

Mike Messina Boater

Vern Gadston Boater

Giovanni Martino Boater

Frank Vida Boater

Don Anyon Boater

Quincy Ortiz Boater

Rayan Bell  Boater

Paul Wanczyk Moater

Otto David Non-boater


I will continue to check with ABA as the time gets closer to the tournament to make sure I get an accurate count and post any changes.


Call me at my new cell number (860-480-8976) if I’ve missed something or you just need to ask any questions.


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