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Tom Dupuis
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All Bass Pro Shop Fishing Tour Tournament Directors


This is an email to all directors


First, Tom we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you have fun and a safe week next week with your family!


We have today published the 2021 AFT Rules.


The most specific change is in Rule 19 on Pairing. The changing of pairings by a direct is limited to equipment break downs that prevents a boater from taking a non-boater.


2021 Rule 19:



Assignments of partners will be by open draw. Any contestant refusing to take or go with another contestant in his/her boat will be subject to immediate disqualification. The tournament director may reassign partners prior to morning ooze-off due to boater equipment breakdowns.


What we sent out in March is still valid until we inform you differently.


"Pre Caution Exemption AFT:


You, as a director, can already refuse any entry fee. If you decide you do not want non-boaters in your event until this crisis passes, you are allowed to do so for the reason of safety."


Which is permitted under Rule 3 Paragraph b "Tournament officials reserve the right to refund any membership and/or entry fee, if they shall choose for any reason not to accept the application for entrance."


However, this is not permission to allow buddies to fish together, let some non-boaters to fish and others not, or use this to manipulate the pairings in any way. Assignments of partners will be by open draw, as stated in Rule 19.


The rules are available online, and also downloadable, printable PDF is posted in the director's area.


Hopefully soon we will get passed covid and things we hope will return to more normal.


Have a great weekend and a great holiday break!!



David Hagood

O (256)232-0406

M (256)777-9989



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Don Philpot
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